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Please read as there's some important information here...not least the promise of 25% off future photography sessions.

We offer Wedding, Lifestyle, Event and Commercial photography packages. No matter which you're looking for, please use the contact form below to provide some basic details and lets talk. Even if, at this point, you only know the type of photography you require but not all the details. It's important that we start our conversation to discuss your needs as early as possible to develop a tailored package to best suit your specific requirements. We'll work with you to understand your likes and dislikes, what type of pictures inspire you and what type of pictures don't. But, that only works if we chat a bit face to face.

No matter the package, all consultations are fee free and there's absolutely no obligation to make a booking. For this reason I will not ask, or take payments during an initial consultation. I will, however, pencil in a pre-booking date that's held and guaranteed for 14 days.

If you do make a booking and purchase a package, you're automatically enrolled on our PictureYourLife membership scheme. Because we believe you'll love the way we work with you, the customer experience we offer, and not to mention the quality of pictures we provide, we're sure you'll come back again. That's why the PictureYourLife scheme provides savings of 25% for return customers. The more we get to know each other, the easier it becomes for us to work together. In short, the time I need to invest in understanding your needs diminishes as our relationship builds. Less hours for me, less cost for you.

Use of or purchase of an image

The internet has brought whole new ways of working and collaborating that make old ideas of copyright obsolete. As such, all images you see on my site are available under a Creative Commons license (see the footer of each page). You are free to download and use any image you see here as long as you credit me as the content originator and share alike. If you use an image it would be nice to hear from you as I would be really interested. I have not allowed commercial usage of these images due to ethical concerns. If your commercial use is ethical, then you're likely get permission. But, please ask first.

Image quality

The images here are sized for social media and sharpened for screen viewing. If you wish to print these images you are unlikely to obtain a quality I'd like to put my name to. I love black and white imagery. But, they need love and care when printing. Any black and white images here will have a magenta colour cast if produced on a home printer. In short, if you print anything downloaded beyond a standard 4x6 sized print, do not think the print quality in any way reflects my work.

If you would like to purchase a high quality print or file of any image seen here then, please use the contact form below.

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