Projects help keep the creative juices flowing and many photographers have side projects to help them notice things as they're out and about. Projects can be anything such as capturing things that are a certain colour, splashes, smoke art, food as fine-art, objects in ice, views through wet glass, silhouettes and abstract oils. The list is as long as your imagination.

I have three large, square format, 11 inch by 11 inch photo frames hung next to each other in our lounge. I use these projects to rotate the pictures and create my own themed photo installations. It keeps the picture wall fresh :) After all, when you love photography, you really don't want to keep the Ikea pictures in the frames. A theme works really well in the frames and I'll use this space to post my photography projects.

If you like, or are interested in obtaining, any of these photographs, or even like the idea of your own three, square format installation using these images, please use the contacts page to enquire about purchasing high quality prints or files.